ICWG currently operates in the USA, Europe and Asia Pacific


The United States offers significant growth potential for the group. With a vehicle population of over 263M vehicles, an increase of 5.4% on 2010, it’s estimated that in 2016, US car wash revenues exceeded $12.0 Billion, with conveyors expected to account for nearly half of all income.

Every day over 8M vehicles are washed in the US with over 2.3Bn vehicles washed every year.

ICWG entered the US in August 2015 and already has over 130 sites which makes us one of the major players in the market. The US sites operate under 3 key brands – Car Wash USA Express, Goo-Goo 3 Minute Express Wash and Supersonic in the state of Utah.

Carwash USA

Acquired by ICWG Car Wash USA Express now consists of over 40 sites covering Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee and Texas. It is currently the largest express exterior car wash in the Mid-South offering a wash that takes just 3 minutes, coupled with free vacs

The Zippy’s brand covers 23 sites in Alabama and was acquired by ICWG in October 2016. Zippy’s will be transitioned to Car Wash USA Express during the next 12 months, bringing the total number of Car Wash USA Express sites to 59

Additional sites are continuously being acquired and developed as we pursue a consistent growth strategy in this key market


Supersonic Car Wash was founded in Ogden, Utah in 1959 and was Utah’s only full service car wash at the time. Supersonic now has both full-serve and express exterior locations in Salt Lake, Utah and Weber Counties.

Acquired by ICWG in August 2015, Supersonic provides additional opportunities to grow within the state of Utah with a number of locations already identified.


Since 1945 Goo-Goo 3 Minute Express Wash has met the needs of the driving public by giving customers a quality carwash with fast, economical, great service.  As one of the oldest car wash brands in the United States, Goo-Goo has led the way by developing the concept to meet the needs of the driving public for over 60 years.

Acquired by ICWG in July 2017, there are over 50 express wash outlets in seven states primarily in the southern United States and Ohio.


Trading at nearly 800 sites in 12 European countries, every year the IMO brand washes in excess of 30 million cars. Founded in Germany in 1965 the IMO brand has expanded to include over 320 sites in Germany, 260 in the UK and over 200 sites throughout the rest of Europe.

Europe provides strong growth opportunities with IMO ideally positioned to add new sites in existing markets and expand into new territories. IMO entered the Danish market in early 2017.

Asia Pacific

The first IMO location was opened in Australia in 2006 and since then has grown steadily to 17 sites with the most recent site opened in Feb 2017.The country provides significant growth opportunities for the brand with the aim being to more than double the number of existing sites.

The group aims to open its first site in China in the city of Beijing during the 3rd quarter of 2017.China has a vehicle parc almost equal to that of the US and is growing at almost 20M units per annum and last year exceeded 240M, as such it has the potential to become a major strategic growth opportunity for ICWG.